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    "Yuan" has meaning only, "Dan" means the dawn of time, but also refers to the day pass. New Year's Day is the beginning of the year on the first day.

    China's ancient New Year's Day is not the same month. In the first lunar month started this summer on behalf of the Shang dynasty who started in December, Zhou who started in November, after the emperor Tongyiliuguo so, on New Year's Day a day in early October and since then successive Xiangyan not changed and ( "Historical Records"). The first year of Emperor Wu was in the beginning, the Sima Qian, the creation of a "calendar was in the beginning," This Youyi who started for the first month in the New Year, and the summer on behalf of the provisions of the same, so called "traditional Chinese lunar calendar," has been in use to the 1911 Revolution. The establishment of the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen in order to "line XIA, so shun farming season; from the Western calendar, so they Statistics", will be the first month started this (New Year's Day) for the Spring Festival, while the west of the calendar (Gregorian calendar) January 1 as New Year's. September 27, 1949, the First Plenary Session of the CPPCC through the use of the "Year Annals Law," who started the first lunar month, called "Spring Festival" will Gregorian calendar January 1 as the "New Year's Day."

    Because of the longitude of the world in different locations, countries of time is also different, accordingly, "new date there are also different. Such as Oceania located in the west of the RiJieXian island-state, it is the first day of the first place, also be to celebrate New Year's country. Located in the east side of the RiJieXian XiSaMaYa is the world's most late start a new day of place. According to the calendar to count, our country is the world's first start New Year 12 countries .

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